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Listen: Would a body-cam be useful in schools – Interview

I asked a child trauma expert; Jane Evans and manager of In2Change organisation and a teacher of children with troubled pasts; Hanif Mohammed, what they thought about the use of body-cams worn by teachers and if it would make the school safer for the teachers while holding students accountable for their actions. Continue reading “Listen: Would a body-cam be useful in schools – Interview”


A Teachers’ Pain is a 7 minute radio documentary pitched and produced for BBC Radio 4 at Bournemouth University. It has been created to inform and raise awareness on the violence and abuse teachers face in his/her classroom, by their students. Continue reading “About”

Gaining Access

Getting people to talk about school violence and get interviewed too, is a difficult task. In the beginning aimed to do interviews from a variety of people: teachers, students, school faulty, organisations that help children with behavioural issues, child psychologists, the Department of Education. Continue reading “Gaining Access”

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